Hello there!

I'm cara9001 and I love Vegeta from Dragonball Z! A little about myself, I'm a girl and I'm a biology major in college. Haha I'm another crazy fangirl. I post a lot of random stuff but I always post things about Vegeta. I'm in other fandoms so you can expect a little bit of variety once in a while. I do post yaoi but I also post a lot of non yaoi things.
I must say that I do say a lot of dirty stuff on my blog, it's all joking and most people find it funny but it might not be so funny to people who are a bit prudish. Haha if you read my tags most of the time they're insane and sometimes funny.
Anywho welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy your stay! <3 <3

This is how I saw this scene in my mind.  Buu-jesus coming to save the day!

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Dragonball GT - Vegeta